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Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art developed centuries ago by slaves that used the art as a way of defense from their oppressors. Capoeira involves elements of dance, acrobatics, music and self-defense.

There are three main Capoeira styles:

Capoeira Angola, Capoeira Regional and Capoeira Contemporânea.

Angola is the traditional style of Capoeira, the game is at a slower pace played close to the ground combining fluid, dance-like movements with kicks, head butts and sweeps while giving the appearance of playfulness and vulnerability.


Capoeira Regional combines the  movements at a more accelerated pace than Angola, games are played upright on the feet with a focus on technique and Mestre Bimba's traditional Capoeira moves.


Capoeira Contemporânea is a modern Regional style, it's generally faster-paced played farther apart and incorporating fast kicks, jumping, acrobatics and spinning movements of short duration. In all styles, music is played on traditional instruments in a circle called the "roda", the circle is formed with other Capoeira players that join in to play and sing to traditional Capoeira music. 


Omulu Capoeira Group is a Capoeira Contemporânea Regional Group led by Capoeira master, Mestre Preguiça. He is one of the early pioneers to bring Capoeira to the United States and was a student of the creator of Capoeira Regional, Mestre Bimba.


The group's mission is to promote the art of Capoeira and bring cultural awareness through educational schools, performances and community programs. 

Mestre Preguiça

Mestre Preguiça (Wandenkolk Manoel De Oliveira) has been a pioneer and influential figure of contemporary Capoeira for 50+ years. In 1965, Mestre Preguiça moved to Rio de Janeiro and co-founded Grupo Senzala, which in 20 years gained worldwide renown recognition and became the prominent Capoeira style in Brazil. In 1984 he moved to San Francisco and founded Omulu Capoeira Group, he also initiated the "CAP Initiative" Community Action Program, a focus on inner city youth providing mentorship, support and guidance through free community Capoeira classes and programs.

Instructor Uri and Mestre Preguiça.

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